This week, we are talking about one of the most popular gemstones that we use in our collections – green chrysoprase.   

What is green chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase is a nickel based stone, and a form of chalcedony, with deposits of it being found all over the world, from Brazil to Russia!

The origin of its name is Greek (chrys meaning gold, prase meaning leek), and can have varying shades of green, depending on how much nickel is in it.

Why we love it!

As you all know, here at Willow & Clo we love that all of our jewellery has a story behind it, and we love learning the origins and meanings of all materials used in our jewellery. We love green chrysoprase not only because of its unusual and stunning aqua blue and sea green tones, but also because of its healing energies and power – it is said to help with anxiety and also to attract love and abundance.

Willow & Clo and green chrysoprase

This beautiful gemstone has been one of our favourties to work with, and we have used it particularly in our Raindrop and Puddle collections. It works amazingly well with black, and is absolutely gorgeous as an accessory coming into the summer months. Check out our favourite green chrysoprase pieces!

chrysoprase earringschrysoprase and onyx earringschrysoprase

As you can see from the above images, this beautiful and unusual gemstone is particularly striking when paired with black, and brings a wonderful burst of colour to your summer wardrobe. All of the pieces above are available on our website.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and as the summer season approaches, we intend to do a lot of similar posts with lots of summer styling ideas! You’re more than welcome to follow us by clicking on the follow button, and you’re also more than welcome to just keep on reading if you prefer!

Talk soon!

Clo xx