To Love & Care

I love making all the Willow & Clo pieces so here are a few useful hints and tips how you can love and care for your new piece!

All my pieces are handmade, have hand set stones and are crafted using 22t gold vermeil on Sterling Silver. When a piece is plated this means a little extra care is needed to preserve and protect your jewellery and avoid tarnishing.
The most common offenders are direct contact with water, perfume, fake tan, lotions, chlorine, detergents, humidity, showering & exercising. 
I recommend gently wiping your plated jewellery with a soft cloth after wear, excessive polishing may remove plating so is not recommended. The best way to store your piece is in a lined jewellery box and sterling silver is best kept in an airtight container or airtight bag to avoid naturally occurring oxidization.
I love making lots of long wrap necklaces so if that's the piece you chose to embellish your jewellery wardrobe with, then the best way to care for it is to Hang it up or wrap it around the foam insert in the box provided. To avoid tangling use boxes, or individual bags when travelling, and don't put more than one necklace together in the box!